Single Channel External Digital Video Recorder with Audio Function

A Portable USB DVR Surveillance System


Suitable for all CCTV cameras with RCA output
Record directly to hard disk or usb disk of desktop or laptop computers with motion activated recording function
Maximum display / recording rate is 25 fps under PAL format and 30 fps under NTSC format
Support schedule recording mode, recycling recording method available 
USB 2.0 high speed interface. No external power required 
True plug and play performance 
Support high resolution still image up to 640x480
Included movie editing software

Package Components :
1 x Video Adapter 
1 x CD-ROM Driver
1 x USB Cable

Model Compression CH In Recording Realtime Display Samples 20-99 pcs 100 pcs +


1 Video  1 Audio

25 f/s  PAL 
30 f/s  NTSC 

25 f/s  PAL 
30 f/s  NTSC


$16.00 $14.00