4-Channel MPEG-4 Standalone DVR

Models BSX-6004


  • Advanced MPEG-4 Compression Algorithm, with Higher Image Quality and Lower Bite Rate 
  • Triplex operation: Record, Playback and Network Operate Simultaneous
  • Remote IE Monitoring/Playback/Record/Backup/Pan Control through Internet   
  • Remote PTZ Control Support RS485
  • USB Backup and Transfer via Network Simultaneously 
  • Recording Mode: Manual, Schedule, Alarm and Motion Detection
  • Full Remote System Access, Monitoring, Playback, Configuration
  • Quad / Full Screen Display 
  • Auto Alarm when Missing Signal Input
  • Auto-Reset after Power-Break
  • 2 Tiers Password Authorization
  • Secure and Reliable Operation System 
  • Support 1 HDD 
  • Optional SATA
  • USB2.0 External Backup
  • Support Windows Mobile
  • User-friendly Graphic Menu Interface
  • Advanced File Management System with Full Intellectual Right 
  • Optional VGA Output 

4-Channel DVR



Compress Format MPEG-4
Display Resolution (NTSC) 120 f/s  per 4 channels    D1  704x480 Pixels  
Display Resolution (PAL)  100 f/s  per 4 channels    D1 704x576 Pixels 
Recording Resolution (NTSC) 120 f/s  per 4 channels    CIF 352x288 Pixels 
30 f/s    per 4 channels    D1 704x480 Pixels  
Recording Resolution (PAL) 100 f/s   per 4 channels    CIF  352x240 Pixels 
25 f/s     per 4 channels    D1   704x576 Pixels  
Video Input

BNC Connector X 4

Video Output

BNC Connector X 1     (Optional VGA X 1 for Connect to PC Monitor)

Operation Triplex

Audio Input

2 Channel Audio Input,      BNC Connector X 2

Audio Output

2 Channel Audio Output,    BNC Connector X 2

Recording Mode Manual, Schedule, Alarm and Motion Detection
Protocol Support TCP/IP  IE Embedded
Remote Operation Remote IE Surveillance, Recording, Playback, Backup & Control
Splitter Screen Quad Split Screen

Alarm input  

4 Channel Photo-Coupling Input 

Alarm output  

Relay Output, On (NO), Off (NC), Common Port (COM)
Alarm mode

Video Loss Alarm / Alarm input in inductor / VMD alarm

LAN Connector


PTZ Control RS485
Hard Disk

IDE Interface   Support up to 1000G Hard Disk  

Optional VGA add $10.00  / SATA add $4.00
Backup and upgrade


Exterior dimension

316(L)×275 (W) ×60(H)mm



Compress Ch Recording  Realtime Display


10+ 20+

100 +

BSX-6004 MPEG-4 4

100 f/s 352x288  PAL
120 f/s 352x240  NTSC

25 f/s 704x576  PAL
30 f/s 704x480  NTSC

100 f/s 704x576  PAL
120 f/s 704x480  NTSC

$162.00 $142.00 $129.00 $117.00

Note: Hard disk not included