8-Channel MPEG-4 Standalone DVR

Models BSX-6008


  • Advanced MPEG-4 Compression Algorithm, with Higher Image Quality and Lower Bite Rate 
  • Triplex operation: Record, Playback and Network Operate Simultaneous
  • Remote IE Monitoring/Playback/Record/Backup/Pan Control through Internet   
  • Remote PTZ Control Support RS485
  • USB Backup and Transfer via Network Simultaneously 
  • Recording Mode: Manual, Schedule, Alarm and Motion Detection
  • Full Remote System Access, Monitoring, Playback, Configuration
  • Quad / Full Screen Display 
  • Auto Alarm when Missing Signal Input
  • Auto-Reset after Power-Break
  • 2 Tiers Password Authorization
  • Secure and Reliable Operation System 
  • Support 1 HDD 
  • Optional SATA
  • USB2.0 External Backup
  • Support Windows Mobile
  • User-friendly Graphic Menu Interface
  • Advanced File Management System with Full Intellectual Right 
  • Optional VGA Output 

8 Channel DVR



Compress Format MPEG-4
Display Resolution (NTSC) 64 f/s   per 8 channels        HD1   704x240 Pixels  
Display Resolution (PAL) 56 f/s   per 8 channels        HD1   704x288 Pixels   
Recording Resolution  (NTSC) 60 f/s   per 8 channels        CIF    352x288 Pixels 
Recording Resolution (PAL) 50 f/s  per 8 channels         CIF    352x240 Pixels 
Video input

BNC Connector X 8

Video output

BNC Connector X 1      ( Optional VGA X 1 for Connect to PC Monitor)

Audio input

2 Channel Audio Input, BNC Connector X 2

Audio output

2 Channel Audio Output, BNC Connector X 2

Protocol Support TCP/IP  IE Embedded
Remote Operation Remote IE Surveillance, Recording, Playback, Backup & Control
Splitter Screen Quad Split Screen
Recording Mode Manual, Schedule, Alarm and Motion Detection
Alarm mode

Video Loss Alarm

LAN Connector


PTZ control RS485
Hard Disk

IDE Interface   Support up to 1000G Hard Disk

Optional VGA add $10.00  / SATA add $4.00
Backup and upgrade


Simplex/Duplex/Triplex Triplex
Exterior dimension

315(L)275 (W) 58 (H)mm

@  @


Channel Compress Recording  Realtime Display


10+ 20+


BSX-6008 8 MPEG-4 50 f/s 352x288  PAL
60 f/s 352x240 NTSC 
56 f/s 704x288  PAL
64 f/s 704x240 NTSC
$236.00 $205.00 $187.00 $170.00

Note: Hard disk not included